our story

We founded the company with the goal to bring our European style of contemporary modern living to the North American continent. 

Since 2007, we are headquartered in Switzerland where we design our smart furniture with the focus to produce them at an affordable price point. 

Our design team develops smart contemporary furniture, which are problem solvers in every field of living with an eye-catching look. 

Our furniture can be easily customized to meet your individual taste and helps you dress up your living with colorful European modern home décor. 

Whether you're searching for the perfect accent table or an eye catcher to make the room pop, we have all the right pieces. 

All our products are developed in Switzerland and produced in our family owned productions. 

Beside the affinity for design we have focus on quality and our environment. We provide furniture which is strictly quality controlled and is according to our corporate standards in terms of health, convenience, versatility, long service life and environmental friendliness. 

To handle our furniture easy – we decided to flat pack all our furniture with no weights over 35kg (77 lbs). This ensures easy, space-saving transport and handling. 

You are tired of complicated assembly instructions – we are too. We designed our assembly instructions in comic style, which is an entertaining fun book that will enhance and simplify the guiding tools for you through the assembly process.